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Teacher Training "Hands on Assists and Functional Anatomy"

Take your practice to the next level and gain more authority as a yoga teacher.

In just 7 days, you’ll transform your practice, gaining the confidence to emerge as a leading yoga teacher. The opportunity to participate in the advanced course “HANDS ON ASSISTS AND FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY” is reserved to 15 teachers only.

Sharpen your skills and stand out from the crowd, secure your place now.

📍 WHERE: near Marsala, Sicily. | ⏰ WHEN: 21-28 September 2024 | 🔥 60 CEUs training credits with Yoga Alliance

The course will be conducted in ENGLISH

The advanced course is for you if:

  • You feel insecure in teaching, especially when you cannot demonstrate the entire sequence.
  • You understand that without a more advanced approach, it is difficult to retain students and differentiate yourself among thousands of teachers.
  • You feel uncertainty on how to offer manual corrections on bodies with different skeletal and muscular types.
  • The standard 200 hrs Teacher Training left you with limitations, because there was little time dedicated to hands-on adjustments.
  • Despite your experience, you feel a lack of progress in teaching.

The difference between a novice yoga teacher and an experienced and authoritative instructor lies in the latter’s ability to teach without having to demonstrate the entire sequence on the mat.

Imagine being able to guide students as you walk among them, providing safe and effective manual corrections.

Think about how the relationship with your students would deepen if you were able to assist them individually during each lesson, so that they could feel the postures more deeply, while assisting them in  executing advanced postures that would otherwise be impossible.

To develop these skills, three key elements are needed:

Understanding anatomy and skeletal variations:

This is essential to correct students appropriately.

Step-by-step knowledge of how to make hands-on adjustments, and their variations:

A precise and versatile guide during teaching.

Lots of practice with manual corrections:

During the teaching Labs you will learn the automatisms to correct various skeletal and muscular types by practicing on your classmates.

In 200-hour TT training courses, there is often a lack of time to devote enough time to manual adjustments, especially if your training has been online. In this course, you will acquire the three key factors that will allow you to significantly raise your level of teaching.

Ameriga, your teacher:

  • With over 2,000 hours of training and teaching in 200 and 300 hour programs, Ameriga is an authoritative guide in the world of advanced yoga.
  • Specializing in functional anatomy applied to yoga, Ameriga offers classes focused on skeletal variations, fascia and muscles. She has studied advanced anatomy with Jo Phee, participating also in a cadaver dissection in Germany.
  • Ameriga, a yoga teacher with over 10 years of experience, has studied and practiced yoga with renowned masters such as Shiva Rea and Gregor Maehle. With her academic background (including a bachelor’s and two master’s degrees), she combines a solid academic foundation with her Hands-on experience.
  • Co-founder of Floripa Yoga & Kitesurf House, one of the largest yoga centers in Europe, Ameriga has been a guest teacher at two of Italy’s most renowned festivals: the Yoga Festival in Milan and at the Kalemana Festival, obtaining recognition on various platforms in Italy and abroad. In addition to teaching yoga, she plays the harmonium and leads Kirtan sessions.

The Module:

The course includes approximately 10 hours of anatomy lessons that can be taken online before arriving at the residential event.

  • Ethics of manual corrections.
  • Intention and functions of hands on assist.
  • Steps to offer safe and effective assists.
  • Skeletal variations and how they apply to asana families and yoga poses.
  • Understanding the difference between compression and tension and how to apply it when “correcting” students.
  • Asana Labs: in-depth study of postures, addressing their functions, and therefore ways to modify them, offer practical corrections, use of props and krama by level.
  • Learn to assist over 40 positions from simple to complex. This course covers most of the adjustments of the first series of Ashtanga, and many assists of the second and third series, as well as the vinyasa flow postures.
  • Level 2 daily Vinyasa class.
  • Daily workshops where you will practice corrections while teaching a sequence to other participants.

The outcome you will achieve by participating in the course includes: an in-depth knowledge of yoga anatomy, an ethical understanding of manual corrections and the ability to offer safe and effective assistance for over 40 postures.

You will be able to apply skeletal variations to different families of asanas, understand the difference between compression and tension, and practice the correction of over 40 positions, covering the first series of Ashtanga and many postures of Vinyasa flow. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to participate in level 2 Vinyasa classes daily and practice corrections in interactive workshops, teaching the sequences to other participants.

The program

✨ 8.30-10.30 Prema Vinyasa class
with laboratory for adjustments for advanced postures.

✨ 10.30-11.30 Breakfast

✨ 11.30am – 12.30pm Asana workshop & Practice Hands on Assists

✨ 12.30-17.00 Free time

✨ 5.00-6.00pm Asana workshop & Practice Hands on Assists

✨ 6.00pm – 7.30pm Workshop, Evening lesson

✨ 9.00pm On some evenings there will be ceremonies with medicinal plants, meditations and sharing circles.

✨ Note: on the day of arrival there is an opening circle, and on the day of departure there is a closing circle. Please plan to reach the training location by 3pm on the first day and depart after 11am on the last day.

There will be a day of rest during the training, with the option of a boat trip to Favignana for those who wish.

The location: Baglio Cudia

Located just 6 km from the center of Marsala, near the pristine Stagnone Lagoon, where you can practice water sports, the Baglio Cudia Resort is a traditional Sicilian country residence.

The new tourist facility is located approximately 5 kilometers from the historic center of the city of Marsala and 7 kilometers from Trapani Birgi airport. The Baglio, located a few steps from the Stagnone Nature Reserve, allows you to reach the pier of the archaeological site of Mothia in the immediate vicinity. Due to its privileged position, it allows you to easily visit unique places in the world, such as the Stagnone Nature Reserve with the famous salt pans and windmills, Erice, Segesta, San Vito lo Capo, the Zingaro Reserve, the Cusa Caves, Selinunte and also the very nearby Egadi islands.

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Early bird until February 28th!

Cancellation Policy: Full refund for any cancellation 2 months before arrival. 50% refund for any cancellation 60 to 30 days before arrival. No refunds for any cancellation 30 days before arrival unless you can find someone to take your place

Students who have completed another course in our 300-hour program receive a discount of 100 euros, which cannot be combined with the early bird.

Bed in a double room

for couples
  • Yoga course
  • 60 CEUs (training credits) with Yoga Alliance (for RYT200)
  • Breakfasts and 6 dinners

Shared room

(3-4 person)
  • Yoga course
  • 60 CEUs (training credits) with Yoga Alliance (for RYT200)
  • Breakfasts and 6 dinners

Single room

single room
  • Yoga course
  • 60 CEUs (training credits) with Yoga Alliance (for RYT200)
  • Breakfasts and 6 dinners

Not included:

  • Flights
  • Transfer from the airport. We recommend to fly to Trapani (closer) or Palermo. 
  • Lunches
  • A dinner that we will organize outside
  • Tourist Tax (2 euros per night)

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