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Art of Hands on Assists

9-16 July 2022 (60 CEUs) 

Our “Art of Hands on Assist” Teacher Training is part of the 300 HRS Advanced Teacher Training course with Prema Vinyasa Yoga.

What sets an outstanding teacher apart from a beginner yoga teacher is their ability to conduct the class without demonstrating the sequence. Imagine having the skills to verbally instruct your students as you walk around the room and offer safe and effective hands-on assists. Think how much your students would love to practice with you, if in every class you were able to touch them in a way that brings them deeper in the postures, and allows them to do advanced poses that otherwise would be impossible.

 In order to do that, you need 3 key elements: 

1. to understand anatomy and skeletal variations, so that you know how to touch your students,

2. to understand the stages of offering hands-on assists and their variations,

3. to practice hands-on assists consistently in a practice-lab, where you receive feedbacks and can try them on different body types.

In a 200 hrs TT program there is hardly enough time to cover hands-on assist, and especially if you have trained fully online for your 200 hrs, in this course you will learn the 3 key elements that will let you take your in-person teaching to the next level.

This module covers

The course includes around 10 hrs of anatomy classes that can be taken online prior to coming over to the residential event. Other topics covered in the course are:

  • Ethics of hands-on adjustments.

  • Intentions and Functions of hands-on assisting.

  • Stages to offer assists that are safe and effective.

  • Skeletal variations and how they apply to families of asanas and yoga poses.

  • Understanding the difference between compression and tension and applying it when “correcting” students.

  • Asana Labs: in-depth study of postures, that address their functions, and hence ways to modify, offer hands-on adjustments, prop use and kramas by level.

  • Learn to assist over 40 postures from simpler to complex ones. This course covers most Primary Series adjustments and many second and third series assists, as well as vinyasa flow poses.

  • Daily level-2 Vinyasa class.

  • Daily practice workshops where you will practice the hands-on assist on the other partecipants while instructing them in the flow.

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Schedule (might vary slightly)

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8.30-10.30 Prema Vinyasa Class
with embedded workshop for advanced hands-on adjustments.

11.20- 12.30 Asana Lab

12.30 Lunch

17.00-18.00 Teaching Lab

18.00- 19.30 Workshop

Please note: on arrival day there is an opening circle, and on leaving day there is a closing circle. Please plan to reach the location of the training by 3 pm on the first day, and leave after 11 am on the last day.

There will be one day off during the training.


The location will be at “La Portazza Resort” at the Stagnone Lagoon, in the province of Trapani.

The holiday farm, immersed in the amazing scenery of the Stagnone Natural Reservation in Marsala, is hosted inside an eighteenth century “baglio”, that is a typical Sicilian structure belonging to a noble family and recently refurbished.

The name of the farm (portazza is door) comes from an ancient gate leading to the Lilybeum harbour, the largest in Sicily, which later the Arabs called Marzakalla, God’s Harbour, whence the present name of Marsala town.

In 1800 the land was purchased by a noble family, the Montaltos, who built there a “baglio”, a typical rural building characterized by a large internal court, as well as several lodgings, stables, stores for the harvest, surrounded by farmed lands. The “baglio” was inhabited by the landowners themselves during the summertime, but also by the farmers who worked there all the year round or for the season. The structure had remained unchanged till the recent refurbishing which permitted a restoration respectful of the existing building and, at the same time, its transformation into a comfortable farm based on rural tourism activities.

The lagoon, the largest in Sicily, characterized by shallow waters (1–2 m and often no more than 50 cm). Following the movements of the sand of the lagoon due to the underwater currents, the Isola Grande was formed, around two original islets. The birth of the island closed a part of the sea that was originally open and here, since there are no currents necessary for the exchange, the water has become stagnant, with a temperature above normal.

The Stagnone is a well-known spot at European level for the practice of kitesurfing and other water sports such as windsurfing and SUP.  In fact, there are many schools that welcome thousands of tourists from all over the world every year so you’ll also have the opportunity to practice one of these water sport!

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Yoga teacher

Ameriga Giannone

Ameriga is a functional anatomy expert with almost 10 years of hands-on assist experience. She has learned the art and techniques by personally assisting Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci, and also by studying with several other renowned Ashtanga Vinyasa teachers and, for Vinyasa Flow, under the guidance of Shiva Rea.



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