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Out of Control

We can’t control what happens to us, and trying to do so is a sure path to unhappiness.

The only thing under our control is how we respond to life, and the meaning we attach to what life throws at us.

However, Yoga teaches us that those reactions and interpretation are mostly unconscious- they are the product of our past.

Most of the time we run on autopilot and by emotional momentum: if we are in a good mental space we respond well, if we aren’t, we see everything black.

Since we tend to live our lives by momentum, if we can condition ourself to be in the right spin, our whole life is transformed.

What do we do with our pranayama and vinyasa practice?
Among other things, We condition ourselves for joy.

We are embodied being and our bodies reflect fully our internal states.

When we start the day with yoga we chose to Prime ourselves for joy, non-reactivity, and good vibes.

Have you noticed that your whole day is SO different when you practice ?

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