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Connection & Quantum Physics

A few days ago I taught my last class at Floripa. Some students asked me to stream it on Zoom, because they wanted to be part of it, but my gut feelings told me that I wanted to be 100% present just with the people in the room.

If you are a yoga teacher, maybe you feel the same- but since the “hybrid” modality started (teaching some people in the room and some on Zoom), I have been feeling like I am also partially in the room and partially with the people who are streaming.

Teaching only to the people in the room after so long, felt sooo good, like an energetic bath of good vibes. We were all so connected and sharing our energy with so much intensity that the whole shala was vibrating.

I don’t wanna ruin the romance of it, but scientifically there is a reason for that.

The key to understand it is quantum physics.

Quantum physics tells us that everything in the Universe is made out of immaterial energy and radiates energy.

Human beings are made by cells and cells are made by energy, so we literally are vortices of energy. In nature if two energy waves are out of sync this causes what’s technically called “destructive interference”: they diminish in size. Otherwise, if two waves of energy are in sync, it’s called “constructive interference”, and the size of the wave is amplified.

In laypeople’s words, we call constructive interference  “good vibes” and destructive interference “bad vibes”. So in that yoga shala, we were all vibrating in synchronicity, and this is why the whole experience was SO strong energetically.

So in theory we want all our interactions to increase our energy and not deplete it, and we have a natural sense for it: we have gut feelings when we are next to someone that just doesn’t vibrate in synchronicity with us.

Has this ever happen to you? You just can’t stand someone, and there is no reason for it.

I have altars in every corner of my house but for some reason I always end up meditating in front of the one in the left corner of the living room: it’s the energy field of that corner that keeps on attracting me there.

Often we override our gut feelings, by imposing some rational explanation to what we feel through our thoughts. However, the part of ourselves responsible for bodily sensations and feelings existed way before the thinking part of our brain developed, and it’s the one we share with all the living creatures. Our body is always right.

My question is: Is it possible that gut feelings themselves are also conditioned?

So you have a gut feeling that someone is lying to, but just because you have been lied before, and not because that person really is lying to you?

How do you distinguish between REAL gut feelings and CONDITIONED ones?

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