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Ameriga Giannone

Ameriga Giannone is a well-rounded Yoga Teacher, Astrologer and Life-Coach (ERYT500, Master Yoga Studies, Master NLP) who’s often described as unconventional. Her love and profound knowledge of astrology, shamanism, and tarots, together with her lifestyle in van, and her passion for extreme sports, definitely make her one of a kind.


Drawing from her life experiences and education, she will guide you to discover yourself, inspire you to unleash your potential and get unstuck.

Although Ameriga’s interest in Asian philosophies and meditation sparked at 18, her love story with Yoga blossomed at the age of 30, when she was first introduced to postural Yoga. At the time, she didn’t know that this ancient practice would become part of her daily life, and, over time, her profession, but deep down she knew it was love at first asana!


Ameriga has studied with some of the most inspiring teachers, among them Shiva Rea- with whom she completed over 300 hours of training- and Gregor Maehle and Monica Gauci, who inspired her to study Sanskrit and the philosophy and anatomy of yoga

Other teachers who influenced her practice include Meghan Currie, Vinay Kumar,,.  Nancy Gilgoff, Balu Tevar, and Lino Miele.

She also trained extensively in Yin Yoga with Jo Phee, studying for advanced modules such as cadaver dissection.

But this is just the beginning: Ameriga’s passion for spirituality, nature and self-development led her to also study Transformative Coaching, NLP, Mind-Body Therapy, Astrology, Tarot Reading, and Breathwork. She loves to define herself as a witchy yoga teacher.

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Although her home is based in Sicily, she often travels throughout Europe in her van for extended periods of time. Teaching Yoga has allowed her to create a lifestyle filled with freedom, adventure, introspection, and extraordinary experiences.

Do not be surprised if she reads your Natal Chart from her van, after practicing Yoga on the beach. She loves to do coaching or readings from the comfort of her part-time home.

Ameriga’s connection with nature is deep: she lives according to its cycles, in harmony with her surroundings and the planets.


Ameriga’s students frequently describe her classes as life-changing. Her teaching style will take you on a fun, inspirational, and spiritual journey.

Through introspection and meaningful practices, she will guide you to connect with the most ancient parts of your being.

She challenges both the body and the mind, allowing you to explore your emotions and feelings at a deeper level.

Each lesson has a spiritual theme, and the practice is challenging and touching.

In her classes, Ameriga aims at creating an inclusive space, where she welcomes every student regardless of the depth of their practice. 

Through her understanding of functional anatomy, she invites students to find depth in the poses by exploring them, instead of “performing” them according to an ideal form. Expect creative, slow, deep, and intense sequences, often leading to a climax pose and garnished with Indian philosophy, psychology, engaging music, and kirtan. 

Ameriga encourages her students to create their own rules according to their values and desires, as this is the only way to find true happiness.

She firmly believes that happiness is nobody’s responsibility but one’s own.



  • ERYT500
  • Master Yoga Studies
  • Master NLP
  • Life Coaching Certification


  • Anatomy
  • Cadaver dissection
  • Sanskrit
  • Philosophy and Anatomy of Yoga
  • Astrology 
  • Sacred Feminine Shamanism
  • Breathwork

She has also been invited to teach at: Milano Yoga Festival, Kalemana, Bhakti festival, Siracusa Yoga festival, Brno Yoga festival. She collaborates as a Teacher with some esteemed online platforms, such as Mymondo and Yoga Academy.


When you join Ameriga’s retreats you will soon find out you have joined a very transformative experience.

Yoga practices, spirituality, self-development and adventures are the main ingredients of her revolutionary retreats. 

Her teaching transcends well beyond the mat: ceremonies, rituals, mantra chanting, breathwork, sharing circles, and ecstatic dance are an important part of the experience.

But also: climbing, trekking, surfing and many other adventures await you!

Her retreats are a safe spiritual nest, where you will find yourself surrounded by a community of like-minded souls.

You will experience laughter, tears, introspection, evolution, and a pinch of magic.

The retreats are held in wild locations in Sicily, Portugal, India, Egypt, and Morocco, surrounded by outstanding nature.

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