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Winter Retreat on the Snow

Mount Etna, February 14-19 

Join the tribe for 5 days immersed in the stunning nature of Mount Etna, for the most active Yoga Retreat you will ever experience! We have organized daily adventures to discover ski/snowboard / ski-touring, and practice rock-climbing on Europe’s highest active volcano, while practicing Yoga, learning more about astrology, and enjoy the clarity that life-coaching can bring you. 

if you are intrigued – read below! (PS: we already have a group of people who signed up and single rooms are all sold out, but if you really need a single accommodation get in touch and we can find something nearby).

climbing & snow

Our adventure will take place on Mother Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe, which offers amazing hikes, ski-touring opportunities  (and also of course a ski/snowboard school for beginners) and climbing spots.

Marco (Timbuktu’s host, a fantastic DJ and entertainer) will join Ameriga to create 5 days of pure magic! 

We are going to have it all: adventures with our amazingly hot alpine guides, great home-made food, parties with Marco, Yoga, Life-coaching & Astrology with Ameriga.

YES! Astrology will be part of the retreat!

You will be asked for your birth details and receive a birth chart. During the retreat you will learn more about you Sun Sign, and about the influence of the planet Uranus on your chart.


Uranus is this amazing planets that rules Aquarius. It’s also the planet that rules revolutions, caos, and breaking the rules 🙂

This planet influences your life incredibly depending on where it is located at the moment of your birth, and where it transiting at the moment in your sky. 

And not only that: Between the age of 40-42 Uranus has traversed 180 degrees of the zodiac from the position it was at the time of our birth, so in astrology this is called “Uranus Opposition”.

In laypeople terminology, people talk about a “midlife crisis”- because Uranus can make us question our past and want to reset our lives, and design our future in a different way. 

So truly this should be called a “mid-life awakening”- rather than a mid-life crisis.



As always, we will go with the flow, and depending on the snow condition we will decide on what adventures to take you, but if statistics are reliable, Etna in February should be covered by a white coat, and so the plan is: 

14-02: the Arrival day 

Arrival & opening circle (bring a white outfit). We will set our intentions for our time together, and get to know everybody else.

15-02: the First day on Mother Etna

Leaving at 8.00 AM:

Beginners: ski/snowboard lesson in Etna Nord

Advanced: ski touring in Etna Sud to Montagnola

5-7:30 PM: Yoga, Astrology, Life-Coaching workshop/class.

8 PM: dinner

16-02: the B-day 

Leaving at 8.00 AM:

Beginners: ski/snowboard lesson in Etna Nord

Advanced: ski touring in Etna Nord to Craters

5-7:30 PM: Yoga, Astrology, Life-Coaching workshop/Class

8 PM: dinner & Uranus Opposition party (oh yes, it’s Ameriga’s birthday and Carnival, so bring a costume !)

17-02: the Hungover day

Leaving at 9.30 AM for a Rock-climbing trip in Taormina, Mount Venere (grades from 5 to 8, beginners & experienced climbers are all welcomed).

5-7:30 PM: Yoga, Astrology, Life-Coaching etc.

8 PM: dinner

18-02: The “Go with the Flow” day

Leaving at 8.00 AM

(Depending on Snow Conditions): Snow-walk on Etna South OR Skitouring OR Ski lesson. 

5-7:30 PM: Yoga, Astrology, Life-Coaching etc.

8 PM: dinner

19 February- the Departure day

Closing circle &  Checkout day 

What’s included:

  • Accomodation at Femmina Morta with delicious home-made breakfast, lunch box, and dinner,

  • Daily evening classes &. activities from 5 to 7.30 pm (including yoga, astrology, life-coaching etc.),

  • Daily activity on the volcano: ski class for beginners, ski touring for intermediate/advanced, rock-climbing, snow-walking shoes, under the guidance of our expert Alpine Guides and Ski Instructors.


  • Lunches: we will be out every day at lunch time so you can have lunch on the slopes, or eat our take-away lunch. 
  • Equipment rental: if you have your own ski/snowboard bring them over, otherwise you can rent them on Etna for around 25 euros per day
  • Car rentals: We will be staying in a location at the bottom of mother Etna, so we need cars to go to the Volcano. We will create a whatsapp group 3 weeks before arriving to arrange car rentals (so if you wish, you can split the car), all the cars will need chains on board which can also be rented.
  • Ski-Pass (usually price per day is 30 euros). If you are taking the beginners ski classes you don’t need to purchase it, as you will use the tapis roulant which is included.


What if there is no snow?

The first snow has already fallen on Etna at the of November and statistically Etna is snowy in February, but we don’t want to bet on climate change.

If there is not enough snow we will do several hikes and e-bikes excursion on Etna, to discover the caves and craters all around with our amazing guides. 

And we’ll climb more !

What if Etna erupts?

Yes, Etna sometimes erupts! On occasions, it’s just an amazing show, but sometimes the wind brings the ashes to cover the snow on the side of the volcano where we intend to do the activities. If that’s the case, we will arrange other activities. If we cannot do the activities we plan on doing, prices will be adjusted of course, and we will go sightseeing and do other stuff together 😉 

I have never skied/rock-climbed before, can I join?

Yes of course! We’ll have classes and activities for all levels!

I have never been on retreat with you, will this be for me?

“Uranus Opposition Winter Retreat” is definitely a special kind of Yoga Holiday.

If you have never been on one of a retreat with Ameriga, please get in touch so we can talk personally and see if this event is the right match for what you are looking for! 


Read what people say about my teacher trainings, retreats and online courses!  

Who is this for?

You are adventurous, a nature lover, interested in yoga, self-development, astrology, meeting amazing people and having an amazing time!

Ameriga offers other retreats throughout the year to deepen your yoga practice and work on your dark side. 

On the other hand, the Uranus Opposition Retreat is all about celebrating life, questioning our path, setting visions for the future, having a great time, exploring our limitations, adventure on MT Etna and living fully!

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Cancellation Policy: Full refund for any cancellation 2 months prior to arrival. 50% refund for any cancellation 60 to 30 day prior to arrival.

No refund for any cancellation 30 days prior to arrival unless you can find someone to take your spot.


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Double Shared Room

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