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Life Coaching

Unlock your life and find clarity moving forward with 1:1 life-coaching sessions. 

My Coaching Program:

🔶 6 online Zoom sessions (60’ minutes each) open to everyone who wishes to find clarity within themselves, get past some roadblocks, and need to make difficult decisions.


💥One 60′ session to work on one specific issue. Depending on the issue you want to work on, in this session we might use techniques drawn from NLP.


Life Coach

My journey with coaching

My fascination with coaching started in 2017, when I hired my first coach. 

While yoga & meditation were helping me “practically”, life-coaching provided the mindset and enquiries I needed to overcome several challenges. It was a wonderful complement to my yoga practice. 

I certified as a life-coach, and then studied to become a NLP Master Practitioner, and successively integrated my tools with astrology and Mind-Body therapy.

Today I merge together eastern philosophy, self-reflection and life-coaching in my classes, retreats and in my 1:1 sessions. 

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Why Life Coaching?

Coaching is a conversation-based approach to moving you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Coaching is a journey of reflection, discovery and self-awareness combined with action, motivation and goal orientation where required. 

During your coaching journey, you will find clarity of purpose and direction, challenge limiting beliefs and self-talk, and you’ll feel encouraged to move towards the resolution of your issues and challenges. 

Life coaching differs from therapy in: 

  • focus: life coaching focuses on the present moving forward, whereas therapy focuses on healing the past.
  • it is non-advisory: the client has all the answers and we unveil them together.
  • does not treat health conditions, yet unlocks the client’s potential.


What can coaching do for you?

These are some of the areas and goals you can achieve through life-coaching.

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Book your coaching session

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