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Neuroscience brought together what science had torn apart

Today we know that there is no mind/body separation, we know that physical symptoms are the expression of a problem of the whole system, not just of a part,
and we know that healing is a daily process that can be achieved by changing the habits of who we are (as @drjoedispenza brilliantly puts it is his must-read book).

We have entered the second week of our 30-days yoga challenge and yesterday I was reflecting on the fact that I am getting from this challenge much more than I am giving to it.

What started as a simple 30-days commitment to do yoga, is leading me to changing my daily routine consciously and radically.

We have a workbook with a weekly list of “objectives” that we’d like to cultivate, and every day I can check whether I did them or not.

In the list, I put things like doing sports, meditating, and spend quality time with friends.
Things that are so simple, and that yet can make me feel so good.
I sit at the beginning of the week and put down this list thinking about the lifestyle I’d like to have.

So the first question I had to answer was: how is my ideal day?

What really prompt me to rethink my “routines” altogether was the fact that I have just moved away from the house and job I had for 8 years.

I could have fallen into unconsciously looking to replicate my former life (we are habitual creatures, so even if we are doing something painful, or difficult, we’ll keep on repeating it because our bodies are just used to it and look to do always familiar things (rather than “the unknown”).

If I hadn’t had this opportunity to change my life right now, I would have probably stayed in the same lifestyle and routine I created and followed unconsciously for so long.

My take on this?
You don’t need to lose your job or undergo some dramatic change to take 5 minutes with your journal to answer these questions:

What does my ideal day look like?

What are the emotions I NEVER again want to feel?

What are the feelings that I want to invite in my life?

Then look at that page. The answers are all there.

Like Krishnamurti said, “in the problem is the solution”.

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