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Reflection on Life

Reflections on life, rock-climbing, and falling. And some questions for you.

1️⃣After 5 days facing my deepest fear of heights, and falling countless times while climbing up, ANYTHING life throws at me right now seems like so much less than climbing a 25 mts wall.

The lesson:
➡️ Do something really challenging, if you want to grow your resilience (if you are thinking of coming to our next Yoga & Climbing retreat, it’s May 7-14, 2022).

2️⃣ Falling can actually be fun.
It must be the reason climbers call it “flying” not “falling”, which makes it sound much more exciting.
But falling is more than just flying: once I was down, since I had to climb back up, I had the possibility of looking at the wall from a different perspective. I could find a different route.

The lesson:
➡️Just like in life: every time I have fallen, I have found a better route to climb up.
All the times I had to face an unwanted or unexpected change, I have never fallen, I have just flown down and found a different route.
And boy, I am at the top of that wall now!

➡️Now, to you: 💆‍♀️

What is one situation that you are trying to control to prevent “the worst case scenario (falling) from happening? Or what is one thing that has happened to you that WAS the worst case scenario?

* If the situation doesn’t go as you wish- what are you learning from this?

* How could this even be an advantage for you? Be creative!

* And now imagine this worst case scenario happening. What are you going to do, after you fall?
How will you climb up again?

You have all the resources to climb up again. Always.
Just ask yourself the right questions to get the right answers. ⭐️

Loving life ❤️

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