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200 HR Teacher Training

Our 250 hrs Teacher Training Program is a thorough course that covers way beyond Yoga Alliance requirements both in terms of hours and of content.

Our students success stories are grounded in providing a course with lots of practice teaching experience, and in-depth classes that prepare the students to teach entry-level as well mixed level classes, both in solar and lunar methodologies.

Our course is also open to practitioners who do not want to teach, but are very passionate about yoga, want to create their own sequences, understand the origins of this practice, feel in need of a transformational experience and want to meet likely a likely-minded group of people.


What does the trainings consist of?

We offer two possibilities to train with us:

  • either in a hybrid format (online + in person) for a “250 hrs Teacher Training Program”
  • fully online for an “Online 200 hrs Teacher Training Program”

Our main objective is to prepare the students to be able to teach both online and in person already during the course.

Because of that, the 250 HRS course is thought in “hybrid modality”, both online and in person.

Most of the theory and the “Practice Teaching Lab” are offered online (either in live classes or recorded videos), while the residential modules cover teaching in person and offering individual corrections and adjustments.

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Course program

The modules of the teacher trainings course and the topics we are going to deal with.

As per Yoga Alliance requirements, the training covers the following categories: 

During the course students are required to submit short videos of themselves teaching. They will receive feedbacks from the teacher for the videos they send, which is an invaluable tool of growth, since it helps tremendously the student to polish their cues, improve the energetic alignment expressed in the poses and their overall sequencing ability.

The students keep in touch between themselves through a private Facebook group which is a great platform to share, inform and grow our community.

Throughout the course, students are required to collect 20hrs of teaching. We strongly encourage the students to teach family members, friends or for free at local community centers to get practical experience teaching diverse populations.

The students need to keep a journal of the sequences they teach and film the classes so that they can watch them afterwards for feedbacks. Students are welcomed to share their teaching experiences in our private facebook group.

Yoga teacher

Ameriga Giannone

Ameriga (ERYT500, Master Yoga Studies, Master NLP, Life Coach) is often described as an “unconventional” yoga teacher capable of taking students to the next level of practice, and inspiring deep reflections on their own life.




The training covers the following topics:


What do people who have attended my live classes, events or online courses think.

Request information for this course

Our 200 hrs TT program is launching on the 17th of January, leave your email address here to be notified once it’s launched!

Contattami: om@ameriga.it

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